Sometimes I wonder
Why am I not in the sky
Flying searching
My heart floats on clouds
Capturing every breeze
That slaps my forehead

& realize

Love has lift me high
I touch the stars the moon

Then I come down to a
Handsome man’s house
He saw me
Catching me in his arms

& said “ awwww my kai is here”


© Kai Croft


Poetry by Kai said...

i'm being romantic again!

samuru999 said...

Yes, you are Princess Romantic Butterfly!
Love it!


Pat Paulk said...

You wouldn't be Kai if you weren't!!

Poetry by Kai said...

thanks guys


polona said...

romantic suits you well, kai!

Anonymous said...

Hello, your romantic poetic Princess, you. Nice poem. :)

Anonymous said...

Henceforth I will refer to you as Princess.B.Fly if that is OK with you. Your poem is wonderful (no surprise there!) but I must correct you. You DO fly! You are an albatross, mightiest of sea-birds, soaring effortlessly above the rest.

Please remind me to share something special with you. :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder. I had to search my archives byt here it is. Clink on this link Chemistry and tell me what you think. When you are done I'd like to discuss it with you. I hope you like it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I often feel like I want to fall into the arms of a man I love. One day soon...hopefully! =)