the beautiful stars the beautiful moon

the beautiful stars the beautiful moon

the beautiful stars the beautiful moon
glistening shimmering
makes me feel like an amorist again
I wonder about the night
How it comes with beauty
Yet white candle scented in my heart
My shadow dances on walls

Overdosing more words on every page
I grant my own wishes and dreams
Thinking if I could only touch a
Prince charming’s hand
& be like in a fairy tale

I’m always stuck on that

But precious romance fills my soul
Yet I still think there’s Romeo & Juliet
Floating in heaven skies
Keeps me memorizing the blushing clouds & morning sun
Dissolving into my glance
As I woke up feeling my soul on the tip of his middle finger

Oh I only wonder why

Kissing me quietly
My heart flutters
Not only a beat

Just a lovely sound of love

Those beautiful stars that beautiful moon
I wistfully whisper
To myself

Not a prayer not a loud voice

Its within my heart
That’s speaks

What if he listens to my golden desire?
I wonder

Such beating such African rhythm

Only he figures me out
Just by thinking

I’m the girl for him
©Kai Croft


samuru999 said...

Just beautiful Kai!
I really do love this one!
Take care sweetie!


Poetry by Kai said...

thank u margie

polona said...

i love this one, too :)

Poetry by Kai said...


Anonymous said...

You are a romantic! I love that. Thanks for the visit. i'll be raiding your archives.

Poetry by Kai said...


Pat Paulk said...

The romantic butterfly mingling with the stars and moon. Love it Kai!!

urban butterfly said...

this is such a beautiful poem. It's light and delicate, sensual and lovely! I love every word and the way it makes me feel!