coat pocket

coat pocket

in a coat pocket
i got prayers
i got faith
i got a gift of love
& a poem in my hand

i also got sweet memories
my own soul
my musical heartbeat
only to keep me warm in the snow

what i don't have is
a gentleman's hands
a pinkish rose
piece of paper
& a lend pencil
nor a lucky dime

not in my coat pocket

i only got dreams
& rhythm of tranquility
also my poet's imagery

i left my fingerprints
mother's joys
& a key to my soulmate’s heart

what about angels dusk?
spirit of beauty?
& yesterday tears?

yep that too....
© Kai Croft


Anonymous said...

Very nice, Kai. :)

Poetry by Kai said...

thank u big sis

polona said...

kai, you have a treasure in your coat pocket :)

Anonymous said...

Yes p.p.b-fly . . . very nice piece.

Pat Paulk said...

Sounds like a pretty big coat pocket to me. Excellent poem Kai!!

Anonymous said...

spirit of beauty...


samuru999 said...

Very wonderful!
Love it!