new year's

new year's
i'm still thinking.....
© Kai Croft

wish ya'll a happy new year...
luv u
always ur p.p.bfly


saby said...

Heyyy Kai

dont make any resolutions u cant keep

last year i broke my resolution not to drink (in 24 hours flat)

dis year i resolve not to make any more New Year resolutions

saby said...

Happy New Year 2007
resolution free


Poetry by Kai said...

ty saby for advice...:-]

happy new year


Shai said...

I admire your tenacious attitude. Many abled folks would not take the steps you have.

Happy New Year. Don't do too much now. No bunch of drinking or staying out late. LOL.

Poetry by Kai said...


Aurora said...

My resolution: to enjoy each step of my life, no matter where it takes me, with faith in God, and a smile. :)

samuru999 said...

Happy New Year, Kai!
My resouution is very much like Aurora's
To just love my life, and be happy for all the wonderful things in my life!


polona said...

happy new year, kai!
don't think too much about those resolutions :-)