xmas 12:24:06

i know some of u don't celebrite xmas & i understand..i am not making u a christian or anything that make u feel uncomfortable. i'm not a christian myself either. but i got into the true meaning of xmas......and i wanna share this poem i wrote a few weeks ago..

i got really inspired by a holiday spirit your comments are always welcome....


Baby Jesus

Little Christ was born
Angels watched & gave light
Mary cried embracing him in her arms
Only God knew he’s one of the million

Oh everyone came & celebrate his birth of spirit

Joseph smiled
Shedding a tear of love
Crown him with a halo of grace
As Jesus giggle & sucking his thumb

Brothers & sisters
Bowing down to him
With plenty of golden gifts

Spreading every jolly to the world

& it continues to
Celebrate this wonderful holiday
Around the earth

Indeed he’s a star to all of us
Shining in the sky


© Kai Croft


Anonymous said...

Nice one, Kai. Merry Christmas from down under!

Poetry by Kai said...


david santos said...

Happy christmas to you and your family.
blog "Só Verdades" Portugal.
Thank you

samuru999 said...

Lovely, Kai!
I love it!

Merry Christmas my dear!
I send the warmest wishes for a beautiful Christmas!



Poetry by Kai said...

ty guys

merry xmas

Aurora said...

Happy Holidays to you and yours, Princess Kai! :)

polona said...

i love the image of christ as a baby :)
happy christmas, kai!

Borut said...

Indeed he’s a star to all of us
Shining in the sky.

Beautiful, Kai, getting into the spirit of it. I wish you a merry Christmas too!:)

Don Iannone said...

May the spirit of Christmas bless you, Kai.