Ten things define my style

Ten things define my style

Hey guys I’ve been tagged by miss starry nights & I wanna thank her for tagging me.

1). Writing poetry makes me so happy.
2). The color of pink makes me smile.
3). The seasons-spring & summer, how I enjoy warm weather & wearing my cute capris pants
4). I like wearing my mom’s perfume Victoria’s Secrets on occasion
5). Can’t resist the hearts & butterflies
6). When I’m having bad days or very stressed out, I just write my emotions in my journal as I can.
7). I indulge myself to publish many poetry books as I can…..
8). I listen to music daily morning & night
9). My favorite pastime: writing my romantic poetry on the computer software of paint
10). Nothing but least I am a poet, blogger, daughter, baby sis, sister in law, aunt, friend, penpal, & p.p.bfly (princess poetryaholic butterfly)

I would like to tag urban butterfly, polona, a.kai. shai, aurora, cathy, miss magic
Iamnasraia, carol, [a], trinity star

this is for the ladies only!


Aurora said...

Thanks for tagging me, sweetie, but my blog isn't up yet, so where would I put the answers? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kai :)

I wish i could write poetry. I remember writing a poem when i was 16 years old to my boyfriend. it was awful! LOL I still remember it. I never kept a journal. my daughter had one and is a great poet i think.

I love pink too!!! I like your hearts floating in the slides, so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Hidden River...Hmmmm? i wonder what that book is about?

Anonymous said...

is it Haiku?

Poetry by Kai said...


Aurora said...

Yes, Kathy, Hidden River is all haiku. :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you tagged me, I needed to be drawn into a pleasant place today, was just sittin here feelin sorry for myself....You reasons reminded me of why it is all worth it, thank you !!

Writer on Board said...

Hi Kai,

Nice stuff. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aurora

your book looks intriguing!

Carol said...

I am honored!

Poetry by Kai said...


Shai said...

Ok Ms Kai, you got me I think this is my first tag I had on my blog. LOL. Stinker. LOL.

1. I LOVE black. I have since I was 16.

2. I love using all my senses to write my poetry, hence the intensity and taking readers to the edge.

3. I love hearts and butterflies and Hello Kitty, LOL.

4. I collect quotes and have several thousands.

5. I like being a loner and homebody. I can enjoy watching TV, reading,writing, dancing or listening to music.

6. I LOVE shoes and I about 50. I am probably underestimating.

7. My next passion is books. I have probably 400 books. And 100 I have not read.

8. I am very passionate and emotional and some people don't know how to handle it.

9. My grandma is my heart, she helped raised me most of my childhood. Love her and will cut somebody who messes with her.

10. My other half of my heart is my one and only baby at 16 years old, Ashley. I will hurt anyone who tries to harm her.

Shai said...

Kai, I would love to tag others on my blog but I had something happen to me that was tragic and I don't feel like finding anyone to tag.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, my first ever tag! Luv ya!

You are such a natural poet(ess)! Music, journaling, spring, etc: you sound like a true romantic.


Pat Paulk said...

Kai, a poetryaholic??? I love it!!

Poetry by Kai said...

thanks guys

Shai said...

Kai, someone broke into my house yesterday at 8:30am while I was home. I was not hurt and all they got was my digital camera. They tried to get my computer but I was in my room with the door closed. I was yelling through it thinking it was my daughter only to hear a fake voice pretending to be her. They kicked my front door in.

So my yelling scared them away. I am still scared though. So my mind is not right. I saw you did not have an email addy so I posted here. This was my tragic event.

Poetry by Kai said...

i'm sorry to hear that...


warm hugs

starry nights said...

Kai..I like your style.You are so good in writing poetry I am sure you will have many poetry books.I love pink too.

Poetry by Kai said...


Poetry by Kai said...

my excuse is the same

Anonymous said...

oh, no! you tagged me!!
i hate tags but i'll try to make this one as much fun as i can :)

Poetry by Kai said...


Anonymous said...

it's ok, kai, i'm thinking about what to post :)
i generally hate all of these chain things... you know, those letters and stuff when they say something bad will happen to you unless you send it to xx persons... i NEVER pass anything on :)

Poetry by Kai said...

thanks for your participate

Anonymous said...

capris pants on summer...me too:)
i love that part, and i like to see litle girls in capris.

hearts and butterflies..just like a girl!
i love music too, kai! nice to know you!

Poetry by Kai said...

thank u mystic rose

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your answers!! This is a good way to get to know more about you. I will have my list up on Friday!! Thanks for tagging me!!

Love you! =)


samuru999 said...

Hi dear Kai
I loved reading this!
Very nice!
I missed you while I was gone!
Thank you so much for the kind words!
My sis is doing better!

Luv you!


Poetry by Kai said...


iamnasra said...

1- I have so much passion for poetry...It just has spirit of its own and it reside in my soul

2-I love reaching the peek of feeling but now Im learning to use the sense to deliver the meaning

3- I love scarves as you might see I wear head scarves and its just fashionable in here (Arabia) I want to wear scarves which no one has or which is soft to touch but does not fall on my head LOL

4- I collect my mother used shoes, as we are the same size. Since she is so into shoes and has all colores and since I love shoes but I dont go much to bye them I collect my mothers

5- I like time for myself where I can dream and search through internet

6- Im lazy to cook for myself but I more motivated if I was asked to cook for others.

7- I love any food with cheese

8- I love eating salads and love to be given a creative new one everytime and Im always up and ready to try a new kind of salads

9- I love reading romantic novels and nothing else

10- Im passionate about charity work and give a lot of time for that

Anonymous said...

sorry for the late reply, I will answer the tag :)

Ellen M Johns said...

So you've been tagged. Me too, by a fellow blogger. Gosh, it's time to get the thinking cap on for me too. Eeek.