A Beautiful Valentine’s Day

A Beautiful Valentine’s Day

a beautiful valentine’s day
two doves are nesting on a tree branch
they chirped sweetly to the sun

oh i wonder, where’s the cupid at?
He suppose to shoot me to the blue moon
but he ain’t there

so i steadily looking at the two white doves
wishing i could be with him on this
a beautiful valentine’s day

oh I love him so he loves me too
only meant to be

smells like romantic spring
roses are so funky red
and sometimes i feel so blue

I just wanna be with him
on this-a beautiful valentine’s day


lalitha said...

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY KAI. I love the way you put your thoughts into poetry.Just lovely.

starry nights said...

Kai..the comment above was from me.I am sending you a warm Hug this valentine's day.have a fun day.

Kai C. said...

thank you starry nights

Rethabile said...

Did you enter this for the contest? Anyway, i wish you a happy chocolate day.

Kai C. said...

i did. thank you

samuru999 said...

I have missed all your beautiful poetry Kai!
I hope to be back soon!
Happy Valentine's Day!
And thank you for dropping by with your Valentine's day wish.
I send luv back to you!
You are sweet!

P.S lovely poem!

Kai C. said...

miss u margie...

hope u come back soon!

Kai C. said...

& ty

Ellen M Johns said...

What a lovely poem and so ''fitting'' for the special day.
I love the line...''roses are funky red''....

[a} said...

:D swwwwweeeeet!!!


Kai C. said...


Pat Paulk said...

Kai, I hope you had a beautiful Valentine's Day. I spent mine out of town. No fun.

Anonymous said...

I hope you had a beautiful valentine's day, Kai. this is a beautiful poem.