my love in your surface

Black Angels Kissing

Artist: Greg Clarke Johnsen

this painting is too precious for me to look at and say awww.

my love in your surface

my love in your surface

i gave my soul across the table

& u took my glance in yours

saying "your too much for me girl"

i put my head & blush

knowing i could love u

like nobody does

i rather make u happy

even more if u ever let me

cos you made me happy

that i only smile & dance with butterflies

oh my love in your surface

i only bear my time just thinking of u

u could bear with me in your dreams

on a day i miss u

during the beautiful times u adore me

guess we're meant for each other

that is why u feel my love

all around

surrounding like a summer breeze

it is in your surface

u keep it in your heart

dissolving in your soul

cos i took your hand in mine

as we stroll along the eternity....



gautami tripathy said...

Very sweet, Kai.


Margie said...

Love this one!

polona said...

love the painting and your sweet words!

Kai C. said...

thank you