i was inspired by ub's post she talks about beauty. u know i love beauty & how i see through someone's heart



ugliness doesn't exist to me

nor even my world

doesn't exist

cos for starters

i seen many different colors

inside a soul

brings out a joy

i guarateen

theres something extraordinary

nobody see through your eyes

it brightens me

within a power of spirit

i stroll myself to a journey

towards my home

ain't no such thing as

ugliness to me not on my case

cos you see

the beauty i felt within u

had me in tears

& its made me feel more like a butterfly......



Anonymous said...

Your world is beautiful, Kai. :)

Kai C. said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, Kai...

This is so beautiful. I guess you're trying to make me cry too!

I'm so speechless right now.

Thanks for allowing me to inspire you to write such a touching poem.

Ugliness doesn't exist in my world either.

I can find beauty in everything. That's the beauty I see in myself.

We are both butterflies, Kai.

Thanks for such a beautiful post. You made my night (last night) and now, you have made my day! I have a huge *smile* on my face and you've warmed my heart.

I'm going to link this post to my blog.

Thanks, hugs & Love U!


Kai C. said...

i'm glad i made your day & night.
& your so welcome.
yes sure u can link to this post to your blog!

i am glad i met another butterfly!

luv u & hugs

Borut said...

Yes, it's our inner state of being which matters, the butterfly of our soul...

gautami tripathy said...

Keep writing, Kai..

polona said...

oh, kai, this is so beautiful!
ugliness cannot exist in your presence :)

Kai C. said...

thanks everyone

Rethabile said...

"i seen many different colors
inside a soul"

Brilliant. So have I.

Kai C. said...