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hello my lovely kai-blog aholics, i had discovered another new blog. its called lyrical butterfly. its my songbook. i'm not just a poet. i'm also a songwriter. but there's one problem i cannot sing at all. hope u enjoy!

dance on tables

dance on tables
stripping down
i saw u
twisting around
like a damselfly

oh how could u
break my hourglass
when i tried to give u my soul?

travel for miles
to be in your stars
hear u whispering
in the breath of sky winds

& i dance on tables
not stripping down
but love poems i recite to u
over the moon

its our night my dear
we must return
to our bed
with my pink rose petals

i could only paint u
with my romantic poetry
as u are my soothing paper
your heart is my pen

now i will write my love
for u in my own despair

oh we dance on tables
already naked
sharing the random thoughts
of our sweet moment
in the dark
moonlight glares at us
while i finger lace your hands
u finger laces mine


polona said...

hugs to you

Kai C. said...


Carol said...

It would be a good song. Do you have a tune to go with it?

Kai C. said...

no tune to it

Pat Paulk said...

WOW!! Well done Kai!!

Anonymous said...

Kai...THIS poem is wonderfully beautiful!! I love how this poem puts my imagination in overdrive as I think about a man who this poem could be about for me!! Thanks for sharing such beautiful words with us!

Kai C. said...