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this is my favorite artwork. yet its not mine though.

but this i always relate to. this is how you really treat

a lady. its explain all there. & somehow i wish a handsome guy

who can do all the things to me. yet i am fretting again....

ok i stop...

i got this artwork from my glitter space. they have really cute stuff

that u can put on your site. but its just for girls who are really girlie.....


here is a poem i happen to write that kind of what this poster was saying:

her love

her love

it must be cherish

like a butterfly

don't blow away

into a flower of dusk

shelter it while u can

cos her heart is whole

she can hardly


her sweet love

don't trash it don't ignore it

still like a butterfly----

fluttering in a distant time

oh right timing

her love & urs

realize its beauty of 2 souls

become one



samuru999 said...

Hi Kai
The artwork is so beautiful!
I just love the words!
And, you poem is even more beautiful....just like you!
Take care Sweetie.
I'm sending lots of warm hugs to you!


Kai C. said...

luv u

polona said...

thank you for sharing the artwork.
and your poem is simply adorable :)

Aurora said...

This is so sweet, Princess Sparkly Kai. :)

Kai C. said...

:-] thank you guys
hugs & lots of luv

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very nice!