bad influence

bad influence

that's me

i cause trouble

& i don't know why

i'm just being kai

oh well

at least everyone likes me

cos i like me, haha

i am bad

i can't take myself

i don't wrap too tight

but you love me hehe..........

& that's all that matters!


Margie said...

Bad influence, you say?
Not sweet little Kai!
Now how can that be so?

Oh well, we do love you and that's all that matters!

What a cute and adorable poem!
Jake sends you lots more puppy kisses!

Kai C. said...


Anonymous said...

Tsk tsk, Butterfly Kai. :)

Carol said...


polona said...

hahaha, that's cute!
love ya! :-)

robot55.5 said...

your poem rather reminds me of butterfly