Cute nicknames

A sweet heart

A sweetie

They are the same to me

But how are they different?

Well I don’t know



Honey bun, (that’s what my mom called me)

Pumpkin pie


Also my dear

I mean they are a lot of cute nicknames

But I don’t understand

How can you call a person a nutcracker?

Doesn’t the nutcracker lives in a story where

He fights a war or something?………

Nobody ever calls me that name

& that’s the way I like it….

You see there is a list

Of nicknames on the web

So I decided to look through

& there it was nutcracker

At first I thought to myself

A nutcracker is a cute nickname

For your love one……


Then I started to laugh

Imagining a girl calling a guy


Although the nutcracker

Was meant by handsome, debonair

But it doesn’t seems right

Its like you’re calling someone a squirrel

A squirrel who eats nuts

Maybe its just me

But I don’t wanna be called by that silly name


Yet I’ve been called princess


& butterfly

What else?

Oh yeah



All the cute nicknames

Are too much fun to use

For your love one

But don’t used nutcracker

As your cute nickname,

Its very tacky…..

Well that’s how I thought of it……


Aurora Antonovic said...

I'm only answering to Aurora Pipette from now on. :)

Kai C. said...

your funny....

polona said...

that's so sweet!

Kai C. said...

thank you polona