He’s in love

He’s in love

With a beautiful mermaid

Yes in love with

A beautiful sweet mermaid

Indeed she swims

Into Jamaican ocean

Only get into

His broad arms

& kiss his soulful lips…….

He’s in love with her

& nobody should care

if she is a mermaid or not

she has a good heart

& such a lovely soul

So why to make a big deal of it?

When he’s in love, he’s in love!

& a mermaid is the most precious mermaid

He has ever seen

He adores her

That’s why

His life is complete

& his world is whole

He’s in love


I just watched this movie called Splash with Tom Hanks in it. It makes me wanna go awww. LOL. It is too sweet & romantic. So I come with this poem that kind of relates to it. Splash has inspires me to write one of my cutest masterpiece. Well that’s what I thought. Hope you enjoy it…..

Luv always



Anonymous said...

How adorable! :)

Kai C. said...

:-] and it touch my soul!

Margie said...

I did enjoy it....so much!
As Auroara said.... how adorable!

a.Kai said...

I love Splash! very nice poem...

Pat Paulk said...

Inspired indeed!! Very good Kai!!

polona said...

i love this one!

Rethabile said...

I like, "His soulful lips"

Why? Because it's, well, soulful. I remember when I first saw Splash. I, too, went Holy Mackerel!

Kai C. said...


Anonymous said...

Gosh, it'a a long time since I saw that movie...
There are ''feel-good'' movies and ''feel love'' movies. That one comes into both categories.
I have never written a poem about a movie and I've seens thousands.
Maybe I will try.
Yours is lovely.
Have a good week-end.