Mommy’s cheek

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Mommy’s cheek

Mommy’s cheek
I gently rub it
As she lean on me
She needs quiet & calm
So she came in my room
& have a little nighttime chat
Of mother- daughter moment

Yet her expression on her face
Was fondly tired & likes to go in a dream world
But still she‘s beautiful to me

She kissed my hand
& turned off the light
Saying “goodnight sweetie”

Indeed I told her
“I love you”
She replied, “love you too”


Anonymous said...

Awww, this is adorable, and I like the reading, too!

Kai C. said...

:-] thanks

Carol said...

Beautiful, Kai.. Lucky Mom to have you.

miss magic said...

what a sweet poem!

Kai C. said...

thank you guys

Pat Paulk said...

Kai, sounds like a beautiful nighttime chat. Doesn't get any better. Perfectly read!!!

Margie said...

just perfect, beautiful and so lovely!!
I loved this Kai!

Puppy Jake and me are doing fine, but he's soooo full of energy this morning...
Thanks for popping in with the
"good morning" to us!

Kai C. said...


david santos said...

very good poem, thank you
have nice wkend

Kai C. said...


floots said...

nicely done kai
thank you

Kai C. said...

your welcome, floots.

polona said...

oh, this is beautiful!