kai's blog anniversity


Just sympathy

A little pride

But life takes time to heal

For the loss we cannot simply


Oh horrifying you see

The fear I sniff

As the empathy is fill every shoe a

Stranger wears

A stranger who lost a love one

Yet I wanna give out

Best warm hugs, sending sweet prayers

While we share tears in humanity

Somehow my shadow is like

A butterfly

It only flutters with pride

And sometimes we have to let go of

Our sorrows our own pain

But it’s difficult to heal

In your mind your soul

You are so overwhelm

Though we must be butterflies

Flying away letting go

When we join hands together

Telling each other “I love you”

Oh sympathy

I carried that heaviest weight

On my shoulder

With a frown is hidden

Behind my smile

Knowing this world is all

Mess up

And I wanna say

The ones who lost

Someone in such

Cold, cold tragedy

I’m really sorry

So sorry

My heart goes out to you

Every one of you

From afar

Indeed this is my own sympathy

Throwing itself

Into every one of your open heart

It is

From me,

Miss anonymous poet

This is my dedication to VA.Tech


Pat Paulk said...

Kai, this is a very beautiful dedication. On a happier note, "Congratulations of blogging 2 years!!!"

Aurora Antonovic said...

Very moving poem, Kai.

And - Happy Blog Anniversary!

Margie said...

Hi Dear Kai
Hope all is ok with you!
Thank you for this very beautiful poem...very heartfelt and moving.

So, it's 2 years you have been blogging...congratulations on that Sweetie!

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Hugs to you!


Kai C. said...

thank u all

floots said...

i echo pat's comment
evn at a time of bad news there is the happier news of your anniversary
well done

trinitystar said...

Kai this so beautiful sad yet full of feeling at the loss of those butterflys. They now flutter their wings in the peaceful Heavens.
Congratulations 2 years!
hugs for you.

gautami tripathy said...

Kai, very moving poetry. You are getting so much better, girl. Keep it up.


polona said...

a moving dedication, kai!

happy blogaversary!!

Don Iannone said...

Lovely dedication Kai. And happy 2nd anniversary.

Kai C. said...