this is Akon

my crush

I Love Akon

So ok

I kick Justin Timberlake, Nick Lachey

I kick all the hot male celebrities to the curb

Now I love Akon

He’s a chocolate hottie

An eye candy sweetie

I need a big pink fan

To get rid of

My hot flashes

A cold ice to cool down my fever

Those brown eyes

Those sugary lips

That muscular bod

I rather be near

His feet

His shadow

Diving into

My favorite song, Don’t Matter


I love him so

How can you not love

Mr. Akon?

Well I just don’t know

I love akon!


Kai C. said...

is he so hot?
or what?
i wanna marry him...lol

Anonymous said...

Wow, you sound so inspired!

Kai C. said...

i probably was!

Anonymous said...


Kai C. said...

can u imagine me being his little lady?


Jac said...

Hi! his little day !

Can you give me a link to his song "don't matter" ?

polona said...

wow, hot! :-)

Shai said...

LOL. Kai you are a bad girl, lusting after Akon. Fasty. LOL. Just kidding.