today i heard the news about Virgnia Tech shooting yet i had bunch of friends that go there.there are over 30 people are killed and others are wounded.

i only feel my heart is breaking. somehow i felt like crying but at the same time i wanna write. i give my heart out

to the love ones & families,even the parents who just lost their children! brothers & sisters who lost their siblings. it is sad filling with such sorrow and too much pain.



on the news at

VA Tech. that's what i heard


i got worry cos of my friends

who go there

heard they are okay

but there are more i know of

right now,

my heart is broken

there might

be someone who i know

who don't go to my high school

or any friend i met a long time ago

but the story goes on and on

like a clock

it will be in history


over the breath of





i was in a student's shoes

going to va. tech

& heard the shooting outside the campus

it would be you would be me

would be anyone

with a hardcore bullet in thy heart

and pass away to the heavens

shooting, shooting

i wanna give out prayers

give out beautiful sympathies

i felt tears of

mothers, fathers, siblings,

the love ones

oh pure agony rush by....


a prayer

a prayer

in human breath

catch it catch it

as the hope rises &

feel my sympathy

around thy tongue

to give hugs & kisses

whispering the sorrows to God's ear

he is listening to mortal pain

& taking care of your love ones

in heaven

a single prayer

for those who lost &

carries the weight of

ghostly spirits on your shoulder

finding a way to heal

but its hard for mothers, fathers

daughters sons

brothers to sisters

only to move on

yet it is a simplest prayer

that sent up

towards the skies

where the north stars are

twinkling everywhere

they shines, wistfully glows....



dying out of scars

when the gun shots bang and bang

got 33 of them had shot them down


parents are running around

in horrific panic

knowing they lost their child

in that hall

that classroom

living in fear in danger

oh the victims

it could be someone

i know



Anonymous said...

Oh Kai, this is really poignant!

Kai C. said...

thank u aa

Margie said...

Dear sweet Kai
Thank you for sharing this!
I was gone all day at work taking care of the little angels I am nanny to...I never have the TV or news on while I'm with them, and the first I heard about this awful tragedy was when I got home.
I just cried!
It's so heartbreaking!

And as Aurora said...this is really poigant...it surely is!

Kai, I just want to tell you how very much I love all your poetry.
It touches me so much!

I'll be posting a poem in a few days, but will to say goodbye for a while...probably the Fall.
I just don't have the time now to attend to my blog or visit my blogger friends.
I hope you can pop in for a visit when I post my poem.
Sure am gonna miss you.
You are so special and write such lovely poetry...straight from your heart!
Take good care Sweetie!
Lots of luv and hugs to you!


a.Kai said...

you captured the grief, this is devastating

floots said...

we are all rendered speechless by such horrors
thank you kai
for finding words to help us

Don Iannone said...

Kai, Thanks for sharing such great feeling.

What happened is truly unimaginable. Brings tears to all of our eyes.

May the blessings of peace fall upon those shattered by yesterday's tragedy.

gautami tripathy said...

Kai, this is one of your best works.
We needed this. It is very heart wrenching and the prayer is timely too.

polona said...

oh, this was so heartfelt and poignant!
thank you,kai!

Kai C. said...

thank you all...
i felt sad on that day
when it happened

my heart goes out to va. tech!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing these ''moving'' writings with us all.