once upon a time……

once upon a time….

there is you passing me by

with a grin on your face

i started to blush

and you knew i like, like you

how obvious is that!

oh once upon a time….

i was being myself

and you come over

talking so sweet even deep

somehow i kind of fall for your words of being you

cos once upon a time

i’ve been a daydreaming fool

during the hundred minutes

when i’m trying to forget the thought of you

but i just couldn’t

i’ll remember you like a precious yesterday

you’re my once upon a time….


Anonymous said...

How romantic!

Kai C. said...


J. Andrew Lockhart said...


floots said...

i agree with aurora
especially those last two lines

polona said...

oh, this is beautiful!
and yes, very romantic :)


Fabrizio said...

Ehy, it's a very dreamy poem!


Kai C. said...

thank u

gautami tripathy said...