A Short Story

I thought I was going

to write a short story

but I just couldn’t decide what to write

on a character, that would be me

somehow I don’t know where to start

no title either

maybe I have a drink

or something to eat

only to get me so motivated

gathering all the thoughts altogether----

then maybe, maybe

I’ll have a brilliant short story

that makes everyone smile

well I don’t know



a.Kai said...

I am in this space every evening!I meant to write a short story, but....sigh (smile). Thanks for sharing

polona said...

well, you may not have a brilliant short story but you sure have a gem of a poem!

hugs :-)

Anonymous said...

I'll start you off:

The Poet Princess

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved pink, and who was a poet. Everyone called her the Pink Poet Girl. This Pink Poet Girl wrote poems about butterflies, rainy days, and spring. She wrote poems about dreams, snowflakes, and friendship.

But there was one thing about this Pink Poet Girl that was a secret nobody knew, not even her closes friends. This Pink Poet Girl was a Princess.

To be continued....:)

gautami tripathy said...

You will have one soon..:D