string of a grass

string of a grass

it’s dark green

with growth

it keeps growing


until finally touches the

blue skies

a piece of long skinny grass

it never reaches the cloud

nor the morning moon

only my nose

and my hand

can softly tickles…

oh string of a grass

shining and brand new

kinda pretty even fresh

but it’s just grass

that sways into the nice breeze……


mom gave me a string of a grass and was inspire to write about it….


Anonymous said...

That's a good inspiration! :)

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very good job!

Kai C. said...


Rethabile said...

Moms have a tendency to always give kids stuff like that. I haven't stopped writing about things my ma has given me.

Rethabile said...

Nice poem, BTW

Don Iannone said...

And thanks to your Mom. Nicely done, Kai.

gautami tripathy said...

Mom knows best..:D

polona said...

very nice, kai!
i love the tall grasses...

Anonymous said...

I remember once in an English class we were given a blade of grass and asked to write about it. I just sat there...and sat there...and my pen didn't move.
You have done so well with this.

floots said...

great gift
a great response