Father’s Day

Father’s day

My brother

The man of the house

As for right now

We drove him crazy

Surrounding by

Beautiful women



His wife

And his 2 daughters

We celebrates his day

And how much we appreciates

For what he has done to us

In past years

To my brother

I must say

Thank you

For being you………….


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute!

Margie said...

Yes, a beautiful tribute to your brother.
He must have loved it!

Don Iannone said...

Lovely tribute indeed.

Velu Nair said...

Real awesome!

Pat Paulk said...

You have honored your brother beautifully!!

polona said...

well done, kai!

Carol said...

What a way to honor a Father, Son and Brother!

floots said...

great words for your brother

Anonymous said...

Gosh, all those girls in one place.

Sounds like you truly spoilt him but like you say, ''he deserves it''.