Stars in every rainbow ray

Stars in every rainbow

Sparkling upon sweet color

But the storms came

Thundering like chaos

More heart aches threatened

My soul cries for your light

Cos I fell in love with you

I only did

And now the stars have all fade away

Fade away in your eyes

They become such lies

I know your presence visits me every day

After we fall apart

Not a twinkle

In my heart

It’s forever dark

No diamonds in air

Just tears

And feeling hopeless…..



Anonymous said...

Aw Kai, this is beautiful, even in its sadness.

Keep writing.

Margie said...

Oh Kai, this made me cry!
I feel your sadness!
As Aurora said, it is beautiful!

Take care!
Thanks for your visit today!
Love you too!


Carol said...

Yes Kai. Keep writing and one day that pain will be past.

Anonymous said...

There is true sadness in this poem. I hope your heart heals very soon, and it will do.