raining harder2007-07-29

the heavy strong wind closes my bedroom door

as i hear the rain pouring down, soaking up the grass and the tress

while the storm calms my heart with a silent beat

and then after that moment, the rain stops raining harder

when it turns to Sunday dew

yet that summer sweet breeze feels so lovely on my skin

like a passionate caramel kiss

oh i must say this is how i found my muse of a beautiful poetry

on a wonderful rainy day

how you put spring drops into words, drumming along as

my heartbeat

even the lightning breaks the grey skies,

i thought this is my brilliant inspiration

as i lied down writing tons of poems

the moment didn’t distract me

only when i lost words

and what keeps me smiling really big is

that sometimes i see a gorgeous rainbow in earliest evening midst

i could simply write a poetic verse

of only true colors in the sky blinds me when its beautifully gazing at my dark brown eyes

and yet,

the rain stops raining harder

but kind of raining lightly

splashing over my neighbor’s roof

as i felt a little vibration of the storm

my bedroom lamplight sort of

flickers a tiny bit

but it didn’t bother me at all

cos i’m still writing my own masterpiece

with the rain, harder wet rain

only surrounds by my town

filling with just sky water

and its rain

doesn’t hurt a soul

nor a fly

the world needs rain

to make the garden blooms grow

then the question is:

how much rain does the nation need?

too much rain……..

that’s why its raining even harder……..


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, ppbfly!

polona said...

i love watching storms when i'm safe and dry :)
you were truly inspired, kai.

Anonymous said...

There is something very calming about a storm, despite the noise. I don't know why this is...
I love this piece of writing. You have captured the mood.
I am so glad you are still writing your poems, regularly. All my words have dried up just lately.
I must try and put something tp paper...sigh.