Book Meme

total numbers of books I own

too many books i cannot even count does journals count? they are the big whole part of me. especially when i bargain for myself just to buy


the last book I brought

i brought 3 composition notebooks and they are all absolutely beautiful. right now, i am writing in each of them. i gotta get my poetry on.:)

the last book I read

the last book I read was Jill Scott’s book of poems. My mom gave it to me. and i love her poems.

5 books meant the world to me

  1. my poetry journals- they are the biggest part of me. i just can’t live without them.

  2. maya angelou’s poetry book- of course she’s my favorite poet.

  3. scrapbooks- sometimes i create a world of my own. i love being artistic.

  4. poetry literature magazines- well sometimes i do read them and get inspired….

  5. romance novels- i get the idea of my own romantic fairy tales.

i tag matt, j. andrew, urban butterfly, floots


floots said...

thanks for the tag kai
and for allowing me to share your choices
(as instructed i've already posted mine) :)

Anonymous said...

Great responses, Kai! You have some beautiful journals.

Matt is so happy you've tagged him. :) Wonder if his answers will be serious, or silly?

Kai C. said...

aurora- ty for tagging me
floots- you're so welcome:-)

Anonymous said...

I always like looking at these tags.
Journals seem to be a thing of days gone by for most people but yours are very much in the present.
Keep them up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kai! How are you, Sweetie? I liked your answers...I love Maya Angelou. Thanks for tagging me. I will have the book meme up sometime this week!
Luv U!

Kai C. said...

thank you all

Matt said...

Thanks for tagging me Kai. Here are my answers:

1.) A couple hundred

2.) The Teeth of the Tiger/Tom Clancy

3.) See above

4.) i)To Kill A Mockingbird, ii)Cry The Beloved Country, iii.) War and Peace, iv)Martin Luther King bio, v) Modern Architecture

Kai C. said...

you are so welcome!:)