i am updated this poem.....

Tori Amos poem

to Tori Amos

you write so beautifully

you gave butterflies and reflecting rivers

as your sweet imagery-

your songs moved me

and i feel my veins running in the breeze

cos your words inspired me

they gave me some kind of imagination

oh i could tell your hallucination like i am-

my poetry has the same idea as yours

but different!


we shall meet and throw our identity on the table

cos what we are is who we are in despite of our knacks we shall write

with our hearts

so this poem goes out to miss Tori Amos, u are so beautiful with your

red hair swaying everywhere

oh go ahead miss Tori Amos play the key of your piano, sing my favorite

song A Sorta Fairytale,

oh go ahead miss Tori Amos let me sleep with my own butterflies

cos your music is always surrounding in my bedroom

on my ipod-

somehow i can't get enough of you miss Tori Amos

your lyrics your humanities your sweetest nature

just keep writing just keep singing just keep playing music


Copyright ©2006 kai croft


polona said...

beautifully done, kai!

Don Iannone said...

Indeed, a beautiful poem Kai. Hope you are well.

floots said...

a fitting tribute kai
well done

gautami tripathy said...

Great tribute, Kai!

How are you?

Kai C. said...

i'm fine. guatami

Kai C. said...

thank you everyone!

Anonymous said...

Nice job, ppbfly.