playing dressed up

my nieces are

playing dressed up

they were wearing

fancy clothes

& polish shoes

like they have somewhere

to go with

their star static...

they are adorable

with their prettiest smiles

reminding of myself

when i was a little girl

i used to

play dressed up

with my cousins

we used to have our hair done

& wore fake jewelry

we were like

one of those old ladies

who was rich & very wealthy.....

i guess

we grew up so fast

that my memory starts to settle

with me

playing dressed up

my nieces wore skirts

&sometimes pants

while they were wearing

womanly make up

on their faces

acting like they're dancing

or something

but i look at them

thinking my nieces are really

nuts & how much

i love them........



Jac said...

I love kids, kai

We all did the same things when we were kids.

polona said...

ah, sweet memories... :-)

Kai C. said...

:) thank you jac & polona

Don Iannone said...

Neices are great. Nicely said, Kai.