a butterfly cage 2007-10-07

a butterfly cage

it locked up

and she stuck

where’s her armor? rescuer?

i don’t see anybody

i guess she have to unlock herself

cos she won’t linger her shadow here

no more

she would flap her gorgeous pink wings

and then fly away

it is worst than a cocoon

or even spider tangle webs

she needs to fly

up high

in the sky

diving through the moist white clouds

oh not falling

but fly so low in grace

while the flower awaits for her

the sun shimmers

her loveliest beauty


yet, she dreams

dreams in

a butterfly cage

freedom calls her name….



J. Andrew Lockhart said...

this is really thoughtful...

floots said...

as andrew said - very thoughtful
and so sad

polona said...

this is nice and sad, butterfly girl!

Kai C. said...

thank you:)

Anonymous said...

This is strong! She's a strong butterfly and doesn't need anyone to come rescue her. Nice work, ppbfly.