A FLOWER AND MY HEART 10-27-07, originally uploaded by kai21.

a flower and my heart

a flower and my heart
you tell me i am yours
yours only,
with this sweet offering that was
put in my hand
and i said, “i think about it”
and i did
my answer to you is no
cos i don’t feel infatuated with you

yet we’re friends don’t you remember?
just friends
but i don’t feel like you’re my friend
felt like you’re my enemy
so here i am
trying to figure what to do
with you
you old man
only wants me badly
when you can’t have all of me

you can only take a flower
underneath your nose
and leave my heart be……………..
be lonely and free…………


Lyrically speaking said...

Wow, Kai this is a deep one...i've been put in this situation before, very good piece...speaks to me

Kai C. said...

thank you cathy.

it is about my friend who's so in love with me.......

Anonymous said...


polona said...

keep your heart protected no matter what...
well done, kai.

starry nights said...

loved this one Kai.are you going to dress up for Halloween?

floots said...

that last line says it all for me
thank you

Anonymous said...

Spoken like an independant woman...I like this. It's honest and direct.