a tiny fairytale book

a tiny fairytale book

in my hands

i open it and there’s my heart

in every sweet word

i taste

the bitter

like sugar oatmeal fills each buds of

my tongue

as a wicked lover magically comes out

of a tiny fairytale book

he stood, looking at me

with a nymph in his hand

i froze

with the chills running

through my fingers

and hardly breathe

i didn’t know that book

is magic


i sit still

slowly moving

my hand to turn

the page


there is a huge baby pink rose comes growing and growing

out of my book

up to break the big hole of my bedroom ceiling

the wicked lover begin to climb and climb

all the way to the full moon

as i watch him sitting

with his nymph

they were soul mates

yet i look at that tiny fairytale book

i turned the very last page

a words of a poetic butterfly flew out

and dances around me

peacefully grooving

when i fell asleep…….

morning came

and it awakes me

the sun in my eyes

i am fully alive

searching for that wicked lover

and his nymph

that huge baby pink rose

that lovely poetic butterfly

i look up

at the ceiling

no big hole

there is no sign of

a tiny fairytale book


it was just a dream

all in my head

but it seems so real

the wicked lover

the pretty nymph

they seems very real

oh well….


Aurora said...

This is magical, Kai.

Kai C. said...

thank you

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very nice :)

Don Iannone said...

Magical, Kai. You manage to keep dreams alive in all of us. Thank you for that.

floots said...

i agree with don on this one
keeping dreams alive
thank you

Kai C. said...

thank you :)