© Kai C.


Love is sweet

Not ordinary

If it’s ordinary

Then why

Are we here?


I know you can’t really see my handwriting all the way. I guess I have to write it really clear or press a little harder. But hope you enjoy this piece.

from this handwriting of mine, it came from my fly fusion pen (a.k.a computer pentop pen). I only hope you guys heard of it. It is awesome, you can write on special paper, and uploads your writings to your computer and then you could change it to your text. Cool, huh?

I thought so. I fell in love with that pen. You should see me writing like a storm. It was one of my one month early Christmas gift from my mom. So I thank her very much...

I know I am very spoil!



Margie said...

HI kai
We got back early from out trip, so I came here to visit you.
You are so sweet...you visited me today again...thank you Sweetheart!

I do love this poem!
And your writing and drawing!

The pen must be so wonderful to have!
I know you will get lots of use from it.

Well, thanks again for all your special visits.


P.S I might be back to blogging in the New Year.
I will email you in a day or so.

Kai C. said...

ok yeah i luv my pen!
you're very welcome!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your magic pen is pretty special!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I like the artwork! :)

polona said...

oh, this sounds awesome!

Kai C. said...


Carol said...

Have fun!
I hope we will see more of your artwork and handwriting...

mystic rose said...

i can see your writing quite clearly.., and I like that poem immensely.:)

and thats one cool tool!
I could most definitely use that.
Ah, you should give your mom a hug from me for buying it for you.

floots said...

love that presentation
the pen sounds fantastic