the sweet memoir 11-16-07

a forehead kiss

a soft pitch upon my cheek

know this moment

was the sweet memoir

cos i will remember my special friend

like the good old days

when i could look back and just give a silly pleasant smile

almost like a knight black butterfly

i never forget

every bit of him will captures along the glance of

his warm presence

as i think he’ll remember me too



Kai C. said...

i miss my crush!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

surely he'll remember. :)

Anonymous said...


polona said...

fingers crossed :)

Paul said...

I guess we pretty much always remember, even way back.

Linda Couture from grade five, where are you?!

floots said...

now you've set me thinking - looking back
thank you

mystic rose said...

crushes are nice to be in!
difficult when you come out of them sometimes.
:), but still nice to remember!
i like these lines esp...
a forehead kiss
a soft pitch upon my cheek