8 meme

Miss little great pumpkin tagged me. Thank you . http://carolsbookblogs.blogspot.com/

8 things that i am passionate about

  1. writing poetry

  2. pink

  3. butterflies

  4. journals

  5. blogging

  6. family/friends

  7. being hopeless romantic

  8. crochet

8 things before i pass away

  1. publishing poetry books

  2. have my own family

  3. go to Canada

  4. love even more

  5. crochet beautiful things

  6. to meet my penpals in person

  7. going to Paris

  8. falling in love

8 things i always say

  1. “no comment”

  2. “whatever”

  3. “see the face”

  4. “i love you”

  5. “my name is kai”

  6. “you need a pat pat”

  7. “how”

  8. “why”

8 books i read

well i haven’t read books lately.

but i mostly read poetry books.

8 songs on my ipod

  1. Love Like This by Natasha Bedingfield

  2. Clumsy By Fergie

  3. Tattoo by Jordin Sparks

  4. Blowing me up with her love by JC Chasez & Greg

  5. No One by Alicia Keys

  6. Baby by Angie Stone

  7. Bubbly by Colbie Caillat

  8. Nolita Fairytale by Vanessa Carlton

8 things that makes me attract my friends

  1. funny

  2. lovable

  3. honest

  4. full of fun

  5. personalities

  6. truthful

  7. good looking

  8. beautiful heart

8 people who should do this

  1. mystic rose

  2. Xavier

  3. urban butterfly

  4. matt

  5. floots

  6. Don Iannone

  7. Margie

  8. ellen m johns


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

what a list!

Margie said...

You did a great job on this Kai!
I really enjoyed reading it!

Thanks for inviting me to do it!
That was sweet of you to think of me!
How about if I email it to you.....in a few days...ok dear!



Anonymous said...

Nice list! But - where's Fergie on the 8 songs list? Or are you over her songs?

Ali's Zay said...

Hey Princess!

I accept your tag and I'll be posting it soon. In fact it will be my 300th post!

Peace and Love,

Ali's Zay (LoversA.blogspot.com)

Kai C. said...


polona said...

good list!

Carol said...

Thanks Miss Kai!

While you are in Canada, look West :)

floots said...

will do this as soon as i can
but as i have a guest for christmas it may be a few days yet
good to learn more about you

floots said...

8 things I am passionate about - words music nature love
education voices coffee yesterday

8 things before I pass away - to fall in love again
to befriend otters and eagles
to play a final gig (over and over again)
to make a driftwood headstone for myself
to be in a bar in the middle of nowhere and meet a hero
to invent fat-free potato chips
to sit by a fire which never goes out
to hear my cat still purring as I pass on

(sorry kai - didn't have time to do the rest)