The Bethlehem Child

he was born

under a star

a bright pretty star

it lights up

chasing after darkness

when he smiles

saw many angels above

as they sings

"Silent Night"

Mary sat right beside him

while kings from palace

came traveling down

with the gifts in their hands

the Bethlehem Child

gaze at Joseph

when he hold his finger

oh Mary cried,

what a joy

her precious joy

The Spirit of God

wipe his tears of love

that he brings

not in wonder

but on this earth

he fills in every glory

every happiness

until this day

everyone celebrates a holy young heart

that was born

and only be grateful that we give

and what we have



Margie said...

Dearest Kai
I truly love this poem!
It's very beautiful, and made me feel much joy!

I'm so glad I came here right now to read it!

I was just out finishing some last minute shopping, and I saw you visted me again. (You are such a sweetheart!)
(And, I luv you too!)

Merry, Merry Christmas Princess Kai!

Guees what?
I have to go out again as I forget to get milk. (That just will not do as my son drinks lots of milk!)
It's kind of crazy out there today!

HUGS to an Angel!


Kai C. said...

you forgot to get the milk, your son drank a lot of milk. you probably buy more milk.:)
thank you for your comment! i bet it's crazy that's why i stayed home.

polona said...

very beautiful, kai!
a merry christmas to you!

Anonymous said...

Happy Christmas to you and yours Kai.
This is a beautiful poem...

Anonymous said...

Oooops...I forgot to ask you what I have to do now I have been ''tagged''.