my day is fine

how was yours?

was it fine, too?

time is lovely

but slow

i manage to write poetry

to you

for you to make you smile

with the full heart of tears

drizzling down

to your core

and i see you smile

oh, how sweet your smile is

your beautiful teeth flashing

your eyes glowing

i know i have form

the pieces of love, friendship

that shaped between us

so our day is so golden……


polona said...

this really made me smile and be grateful for your poetry...
but it was not a good day for me...

Kai C. said...



polona said...

a good friend of mine got in a bit of trouble and i'm a little sad...
and there's tension at my job and so on... oh well, i'll be fine, don't worry :)

Kai C. said...

i hope another day will get better.
tomorrow hopefully.

Margie said...

You are sweet, Kai!
That made me smile:)
Thank you!


a.Kai said...

This is lovely!!

floots said...

here's to more golden days for us all (your smile has already helped my migraine)
thanks kai

Pat Paulk said...

A very golden poem Kai!! Hope all your days wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

My day was wonderful, but busy! :) Very nice poem, Princess Kai.

Margie said...

A little poem for you, Kai
Hope it might cheer you up...


Think happy
Of course, I do.
Right now
for example
I'm thinking
of you...

Here's what I'm thinking
right this minute....
The world's much nicer
because you're in it!

Sending warmest hugs!