the symbol

the symbol

of my love that

represents who i am to you

within the tattoo

upon your heart

when i show the true beauty

of my soul

it’s rear

and you could see

i am forever yours

you’re truly mine

oh what a symbol!

my debonair sweetheart

you are, you are

i can let my fingertip

trace a symbol of my soul

in the palm of your hand

while you hold me

just too close softly

breathing over my neck

and you kiss my sweet spots

with the beautiful whispers have

over soars into my ears

you say,

you’re the symbol of me,

my own being

cos with you, my love

you’re the center

of my universe

to my eyes,

i see your beauty

slightly hits me

with the way you gaze at me”


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

nice :)

Anonymous said...

This is sooo romantic!

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