The Butterfly

he loves her

like a butterfly

only like a sweet elegant butterfly

the way she grooves

the way she flows

dancing around him

he knows he’s like a flower

waiting for his beautiful beauty

to arrive

and sit on his delicate petals

there she comes

flying with her wings of sweet kisses

in the air

cos she loves him

just like a pretty flower

the way he open his arms to her

the way he kissed her

as he adore her so


i post this again, cos my writing was small.

so please enjoy!


lotus is her flower

mine is a rose

how we chose is our business

she's a blue, and lavender lotus

and i am pink, pink rose

if you think we thought alike

guess again

she lives in a blue, and lavender

lotus that floats away on water

she never left there

never left this flower

it was her only home

and i have a pink rose

in my hand

tickling my nose with its precious petals

the smell of sweetness have captured my soul

now you see,

our beauties are different

but we grow like flowers

and chase our love away

in our own sky distance

yet lotus is her flower

mine is a rose


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Oh no!!! Your writing is so small and the color is so bright, I couldn't read it!! I'll try again another time. (maybe it's just my age. :)

floots said...

i found it hard to read but i managed it
(but i am very young) :)
i loved it
the repetition gave it a gorgeous
dreamy feel
thank you kai

polona said...

a lotus and a rose... how beautiful!

Jon Cox said...

Highlight it and it's fine! :oP
VERY beautiful poem Kai!
I love it! :o)

Kai C. said...

sorry guys, i forgot about that!
i will fix it....

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I can see it now!! Thanks :)

Kai C. said...

your welcome