to my hands

i touch you

i soul clap you

even like a rolling thunder

slightly caress you

holding you

hugging you

creating with you

writing poetry with you

rightie leftie

oh i love you so

and so on

feeling you without

a single touch

only wanting you to hold my broken heart

and mend every part of my being

fate is like the wind

i dance the ten fingers


knowing love is nearby

oh to my hands

you remind me of


that heavily flutters

you on the walls

seeing your shadows are

my butterflies in the

embrace wings

and yet, you are a part of me


polona said...

what would we do without them... beautiful

Margie said...

Thank you, Kai.


floots said...

here's to hands
and butterfly shadows
thank you kai

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

a soul clap, hope its on my azz. LOL how ya been, sorry ive been gone, my granny died thurs nite, but im back hit me he can

Kai C. said...


Mega Rich said...

Hey, this is my first time checking you out, but you should go and check out this site. Leave a note that you want to be a contributor if you so desire and you will be in like flynn.

Bloggers Delight

Kai C. said...

torrance stephens- thank you for stopping by. i'm sorry that your granny passed. sending you and your family my condesences.

mega rich- i would love to join the Blogger delights, thank you. and thank you for stopping by also.

Nabeel said...

that was very interesting though .. soul clapping .. nice :)