grandmothers are so special

that's who they are

special indeed

cos when they drift off in heavens

watching down on us like angels

we can feel them

in their spirit

even i know that,

since my malouise will be leaving on the last day on earth

she's always be in my heart

roaming around with a pure light in


and i sit in a room

quietly writing about grandmothers

listening to my mom's conversations with my sister in law

the strong intense, tears of deepest loss, and

our family cycle......

it is strange and bunch of hinder

when it comes to losing someone in the family

part of you

i know malouise loves me

and i love her

but i don't know her all that well

i've been around her since

i was a little girl

and now, i sit

my heart broke

the full moon is above me

glowing, linger


spending time as we can

cos they will be gone too soon


Don Iannone said...

Kai: I like your new blog design, and this is a special poem. My two grandmothers were so special to me I miss them both SO much. Thank you for this.

Kai C. said...

you are welcome. thank you

J. Andrew Lockhart said...


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful poem. I just luv my grandmama's.

Kai C. said...

awwww, thank you!

a.Kai said...

This is very special to me - reminding me of my grandmother, the center of my world...

polona said...

beautiful, kai. thank you.
i was still a schoolgirl when i lost my last granny...