love is a tree

that grows its trunk

with a heart shape hole

the limbs shaded

and leafs are so colorful

almost like a flower

when it blooms


so elegantly beautiful

cos love is beautiful

even ugly

when petals and leafs


peacefully falling

from a flower tree……


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

"love is a tree"
how true!

Anonymous said...

this is so beautiful, Kai! You are so beautiful!

Love you! <3

Anonymous said...

Your observation is so good and you then put it into a beautiful poem.
Easter blessings to you and yours...

Kai C. said...

thsnk you!

Anonymous said...

awww this is sooo sweet. I'm loving the love and I feel the heartbeat of mines. Beautiful sentiment!!!

polona said...

wonderful analogy!

Kai C. said...

thank you so much!