How Did I Celebrate National Poetry Month?4-26-08


  • On April 17, it was a Poems In Your Pocket Day, I have carried a poem that I have written on that morning. I carried it on my journal and in my purse . I have shown it to my love ones. The poem is called Military Time. the reason I choose this, because it is my own opinion and I wanted to send out a message for the world to see what a kind of place we are destroying, what kind of lives we are losing, and what kind of drama we have created in this country. Wars and soliders are still in Iraq,dying in each day.

Also I don't have a favorite poem to carried in my pocket but I took one that I had. It is very personal to me.

  • I brought 4 poetry books plus a beautiful red journal at my favorite bookstore, Barnes and Noble. I was trying to find a book that I used to have when i was a little girl. It is called Honey, I Love And Other Love Poems by Eloise Greenfield . I love her poems. I don't know why i got rid of it.

  • A little bit of blogging. my blog anniversary has been passed. I am so late!

  • Writing poems daily are nothing new.

  • I made my loved ones a greeting card for their birthdays.

  • Saying "Happy National Poetry Month!!"

  • It is almost at the end. :(

April is leaving me in vain

leaving me too soon

she waves her hand goodbye


she will come around

next year

bringing the new fresh rain


beautiful poetry

across the world

i hear her words

feeling her emotions

like spring

through her wonderful days

i write

sweet verses

after bittersweet verses



her paper tongue


she's my elegant month

and now

she's leaving

leaving too soon

with the soft shower of kisses



will come around

next yearr


Mizrepresent said...

I love your passion and dedication to poetry. It is so enlightening, and warm! Hope you enjoyed the month. I so enjoyed your poem Kai C!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

wonderful - there's a sadness in this (or maybe it's just me)

Anonymous said...

this is beautiful, Kai!

Kai C. said...

thank you . i really did enjoy this month. now i am feeling a little sad. npm will be over soon.:(

polona said...

that was a wonderful way to celebrate poetry month.
you can be proud of yourself...
and why not make every month poetry month?

Kai C. said...

thats a good idea, Polona:)

Anonymous said...

You certainly celebrated this poetry month in many ways.
I completed my ''Spring'' slideshow as my contribution.
Before we know it, it will be here again.