100 dresses

how many dresses did i wear?


or too many

how many times did i pose?

well billion of times

with a 100 dresses

i swirl

i twirl

making a fashion statement

oh i wore colorful ones

pretty ones

babydoll ones

the most royal pink ones

even sexy satin ones

they are all awfully

match my mood,

my skin tone

i mean, how many

did i wear in the spring/summer?

cos i love 100 of them

a thousands of them


Cynthia said...

Love this poem, there is nothing like a beautiful dress or poem.

Anonymous said...

Lovely...I rarely wear dresses because I have the most knobbly knees ever...

orgasmik said...

The fragrance of Spring itself is a beautiful dress to wear. Very nice poem Kai's!

Kai C. said...

thank you!

iamnasra said...

oh and to just wear that pink dress and be again the princess of them all

Kai C. said...

i had to be...
thank you

krystyna said...

You are the Princess!