if you have to pay to visit or to be that close to a superstar
like to be one on one with the famous person
or shaking hands with the famous person
don't you think it's ridiculous 
and stupid
just cos you're a superstar
it doesn't mean you can get more money
in your pockets
and be selfish and ignorant
that you could make yourself feel
and treated middle class and poor like shit
if i meet the king of pop,
i have this fear that 
i ain't got the kind of money
and he might treat my mom and i like shit
cos we didn't pay him
then i may not love him
no more
you never know with the celebrities
they are about fame
and money
but some have never look down
on us cos we are the same
we are people
nobody is better than nobody
not even slight perfect
celebrity is not God
not goddess
not kings or queens
when a celebrity thinks he or she is
in which i doubt it
i think a celebrity should be aware of
their long distance egos
cos the egos will push everyone away
and simply forget the people you know
it's sad
and i am scare that king of pop
is one of those people who are like that
never know
until i meet him......


Margie said...

One never knows about celebrities.
Fame can go to their head.

I've missed you, Kai!
Been very busy and have had no time to blog, but I'm going to try and post a poem this Sunday.

Hope all is wonderful with you and you have had a good summer.
Take care.



Kai C. said...

i missed you! how have you been?

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'm sure now that I'm not a celebrity! :)

Kai C. said...


Anonymous said...

u in love gurl?

whats up?

krystyna said...

Soon is his birthday?
Thanks for reminder and this video.
Always the best to you, Kai!

Jon Cox said...


Jimmy said...

Elvis is King
long live the King

Jimmy said...

I love Mj
I love your poetry

and I copy shamelessly

Jimmy said...

I am a celebrity in my neighborhood
all the strays cats and dogs worship me

but I dont let it get to my head
it hasnt swollen