a friendship week

Happy Friendship Week

a friendship week


a friend

another friend

what would a world do?

have so many friends

there is


doesn’t matter

what color

what race

no matter how your disability is


friendship is the key

to our souls…………



Anonymous said...

True. Friendship is so important and transcends everything.

Kai C. said...


Devika said...

Don't take friendship for granted ..Kai, my dear...:-)

they could stab you any time..and that would be the most painful!

also..in friendships the rule is give more and take less..

hope you are fine...i think someone amongst us is pregnant -- wonder who that is..:-)

take care,

Devika said...

Kai, my dear...

If friendship is real..there's nothing like it..

So, Happy Frienship Week, Kai!!


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

wonderful! :)

Devika said...

Kai, my dear

if you are my real friend, read me at Certain Kind of Woman and Socio-Politically inclined onlooker (In fact i want you to read Soc-Pol blog...in particular...

CKW, i think we both think in the same manner...but let me have your comments...

also call your friends Lyrically Speaking, Cynthia and Paul...i will visit them tomorrow may be or day after...

love you Kai

Cynthia said...

So true, when you are shy like I am
you don't have that many friends,
and I try to cherish each one.
Thank you for this poem, Kai.

Devika said...

Kai, my dear, dear Kai..

wanted to reach you last night...but was not in a good mood last night too...

anyway, all seem a passe' -- atleast on those troubling issues...

now come up with a new one -- may be on a Happy Halloween :-)

love you so..

krystyna said...

Friendship is very important, true friendship.
But what Devika said...I agree.

I wish you only good, real friends.

love & hugsss

krystyna said...

Thanks for this beautiful
"a friendship week" poem.