i never like when people talk about other people behind their backs. i never like when i talk about other people behind their backs. it is really disrespectful and hurt their feelings. we let it in our nature. we tend to judge and not judging ourselves. you know, we gossip lies and makes rumors, not recognizing our tongues randomly rolling its own. i don’t understand why we don’t realize other people’s feelings. that is why we need to watch what we say because we never know who is listening or have been heard. the feelings can easily get hurt. words and actions can hurt you deep inside. but we are suppose to  be stronger than words and  actions. we have to be STRONGER AND BRAVE. kids need to know this. EACH KID NEEDS TO KNOW THIS BEFORE GROWING UP BECAUSE THIS WORLD IS FULL OF IGNORANCE!            i tried not to talk about others but sometimes they get on my nerves. even though there is no reason to talk at all. no reason for as we can never use slurring mid-sentence  through ear to ear about what she doing or what he doing. we may be so worry about others that we don’t pay attention to ourselves.   i think we should not talk about other people unless there are good-beautiful judgments from the HEART………….


krystyna said...

Hi Kai,
yesterday I couldn't open your comment section.

Thanks for sharing... 100% I agree with you!

Love & hugsss

Devika said...

My dear Kai,

is this my young Kai girl speaking or was it my mother speaking.

realising others' feelings is far from tis world...only a few of us realise that...and we keep writing of it in one way or other...

Good work Kai...Hope you are all well..


Anonymous said...

Hey girl, you couldnt have said that better....I am teaching my growning girls all about this now. They are one to prejudge one, and it makes me so upset. My best friend told me that one shouldnt make fun of something they didnt make. SO SO true

how are you sweets?

Cynthia said...

Excellent piece, Kai, you really
touched on one of the most hurtful
thing people can do.

Kai C. said...

thank you guys

Borut said...

Well said, Kai!:)

Don Iannone said...

Wonderful thoughts here. Kai. Ones to live by indeed

Kai C. said...

thank u