Princess Kai

I may not have royalty nor the jewels..
But I only got the heart of me
That crowns you
Yet I am spoil & sometimes gets my way
Though it doesn’t mean I am real selfish
I ain’t trying to be
I wanna be kai the princess
Who wants to be a butterfly……..
That flutters & sits on a pink petal
Of a rose waiting for
My love to take my soul in his hands
Also I wanna be a bird
That hidden in enchanted trees
Chirping along the morning stars & that beautiful half moon
But most of all,
I wanna be an amorist
& a fairy tale believer
Cos of my world
It fills with romantic fantasies
Sweetest daydreams
& a coin of billion hopes
Yet I am full of questions for tomorrow answers

& you know me very well
Enough to see I am this kind of
Butterfly who loves butterflies & pink, roses, hearts, michael jackson
Who’s in love with love….

I am a princess kai………


Devika said...

Indeed, my lovable Princess Kai!:-)

In love with love... Yet, your love for the Prince amaze me....

Love and Wishes!

Kai C. said...

thank u

Borut said...

A princly state of affaires: to be in love with love!:)

Rethabile said...

An amorist. Lovely word, that.

Anonymous said...

Hey, princess. :)

Cynthia said...

another beauty of a poem ,
loving and innocent.

Cynthia said...

oh! lovelovelove you hair style
kai, so pretty, the braids with
the ribbon.

Cynthia said...

oh! lovelovelove you hair style
kai, so pretty, the braids with
the ribbon.

Anonymous said...

hey kai...this is a beautiful pic.

loving it sweets!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

yes, you're a princess :)

Art and Poetry said...

This is one of your best Kai!
The lines, That hidden in enchanted trees, Chirping along the morning stars, are very original.

Keep it up Nick

krystyna said...

Hi Princess Kai!
Lovely and powerful poem!
The best!

Love & hugss

krystyna said...

Dear Kai,
Somebody needs prayer... if you'll find little bit time, please, visit my place.

venus66 said...

Such a beautiful poem full of love. Loved it much, kai. Take care.

polona said...

indeed, that's wat you are and we love you for thar