election day


election day, it is time to vote

to use our voice

like Michael said, "make that change"

we think and simply follow our own hearts wisely

if we don't, we would lose an American hope…..


we would lose  our own hope, our own American  dream….


it is our choice, our elective leader

guiding us to the red, white, and blue

not just an America

but our whole nation, they will lead us freedom….



© 2008 Kai C.


Devika said...

Nice one Kai...

Obama poised for a big win, papers here say...and not doubt he will.
He seemed good in his first days -- a man with a dream and passion..

Hope Americans stand beside him through his term, making the nation a truly admirable community...

Best wishes, Kai...
love you,

Kai C. said...

i am happy and wanted Obama to win...

Kai C. said...

thank you

Devika said...


celebrations in the air! i am there in all spirits!!!

love, love you kai!