I love the world

But do you think the world would love me,

Even if I disagree?

Maybe parts of the world dislike me cos I am me

I don't have to prove nobody

When I am a beautiful person

I am beautiful, no doubt

I could make the world more beautiful as the Lord above

Just giving the world peace

And let my words sings from my soul

To the mother earth of all ears


©2009 Kai C.


Anonymous said...

Anyone in the world with any sense, loves you, dear Kai. :)

Your new boyfriend sure keeps you busy. :) Have you planned your outfit for your big Valentine's Day dance? I'm wearing pink to mine.

Kai C. said...

girl i might wear my tinkle bell sweatshirt

Kai C. said...


Anonymous said...

That sounds soooo cute!

Kai C. said...

yeah, i can't wait to hold his hand! :)

Margie said...

I agree completely with Aurora!
We all love you, Kai!
And I loved your poem!

Oh, Aurora, I know all of us girls (you, me & Kai) love pink!
I plan on wearing pink on Valentine's day too.
Just got a new pink top last week.

I bet you'll look just too cute in what you plan on wearing to the Valentine's day dance, Kai.
Take lots of pictures!


Kai C. said...

you go miss marge!:-)

Kai C. said...


firebird said...

"let my words sing from my soul
to the mother earth of all ears"--love that! You have made my day with your beautiful words...!

Rethabile said...

"from my soul / To the mother earth of all ears!"

Love that line...

Kai C. said...

thank you guys

Devika said...

Started titling poetry by dates, Kai dear

Like I used to keep my journal...No one but only me would understand the meaning :))

I love you, or anyone, for what they are :)

But explaining things in my way is my hobby :))

love, always