2 poems separate: for my sweetheart/black history

i want you

to see you

when can i see your face?

cos baby, i can't take it no more

you're the one i want badly

my honey, i need you

i want to feel your skin on me

feel your heart close to mine

don't you see?

you're my baby, you're always be mine

and i couldn't wait to see you

my darling baby

i gotta see you one day…..


black  history

     we may learn

       our own roots 


Devika said...

Oh so fast...
back in love :))

lovely both, Kai dear
i loved second more...

love, always

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading both of them. :)

Margie said...

Does your sweetheart get to read your love poems?
I'm sure he would love them?
I sure do!

Enjoyed both poems...very much!

Have a great sunday!


Kai C. said...

thank you guys:)
my sweet boo loves my poems

krystyna said...

That is so lovely, so longing
and so true.

May Love and Happiness be always in your beautiful heart!

firebird said...

Hi Kai--have you read the book "Roots"?
I loved that book so much, because it showed how important knowing about our history really is. It was so moving when he finally found his ancestor in Africa, by going there and listening to the old old stories passed down through generations!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

very nice work. :)

Jimmy said...

u r vulnerable now
but dont be scared Devi

Jimmy said...

Wishing u love and happiness in love Kai

Jimmy said...

may I copy your poems to my lover?

Devika said...

My dear Jimmy,

I know what you are saying, my friend

It is not a vulnerability..it's a strong decision to take care of those whom I love :)

I have done that despite all odds, and I will continue to do that :)

I do care for you and Kai as well...and many many others...I just can't stop myself from loving others :)

But I have to keep off from those who aren't sincere -- thats one reason I closed comments...I know those who love me will understand me :)


Devika said...


i hope you didn't mind me using your space. I did that without a permission :)


iamnasra said...

its been awhile ..sorry for my long abcense ..love plays tunes in our heart enjoy it