I sculpt words from my black soul1-18-09

I sculpt words from my black soul

Writing on ancient papers

Can everybody hear my voice?

Can the world hears me?


krystyna said...

Sure, Kai,
the world hears your voice and will be.
I heard your voice
and I came here.

Wishing you a happy Sunday!

krystyna said...

I like your new decorations and color.

krystyna said...

My Kevin is ok, not perfect, but he looks almost as healthy.
He is very cheerful boy.
1,5 year with chemo yet. Now it is not strong chemo, but chemo.
Thanks for asking.


Margie said...

Kai, I love the new look of your blog and love how you express yourself!

I always hear the words that you sculpt....beautiful words, they are!


Anonymous said...

Ditto Margie!

Kai C. said...

thanks guys

Devika said...

seems its been a while, I have been here, my dear

I definitely can hear your words...it sure touches my soul, Kai dear